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Neuroendocrinology-Neuroimmunology Department

With increasing knowledge of nervous system functioning, neuroendocrinolgy is now defined at the interface between several disciplines in the field of neurosciences, including neuroimunology. The department of neuroendocrinology-neuroimmunology accounts for this evolution while gathering four research teams whose scientific interests are centered on the molecular mechanisms controlling hormone secretions, differentiation, proliferation and cell death of adenohypophyseal cells, as well as on neuroimmune interactions and the mechanisms of rhythmic events that govern neurosecretory and inflammatory processes, which are recognized to be importantly involved in pathological processes. These thematic orientations take advantage of close bidirectional interactions between basic and clinical research for investigating pituitary adenomas, congenital pituitary deficiencies, normal and pathological functioning of the hypophyseal oscillator (involvement of clock genes), and the inflammatory processes that characterize various pathologies of the nervous system. Thus, many fundamental results are generated by our medical research program and, conversely, the discovery of new molecular mechanisms allowed us to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies (targeted pharmacology, gene therapy). The specificity of the department results from this original approach which benefits not only from strong interactions between fundamentalists, clinicians and hospital biologists but also from an implication in national and international networks (endocrine tumors, congenital hypophyseal deficits, diagnostic of inflammatory and degenerative neurological diseases). Both the complementarity and diversity of the shared technics and the exchanges of competences on a technological and conceptual basis also contribute to the specific dynamics of the department.

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