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Research interests

Team leader : Patrick Delmas.

We are interested in sensory neurons that translate thermal, chemical, and mechanical stimuli. Our goal is to understand the molecular basis of somatosensation - the process whereby we experience touch and pain - with an emphasis on identifying molecules that regulate electrogenesis of sensory neurons and detect environmental stimuli. Our research also focuses on characterizing the function of the enteric nervous system in both gastroenterological and neurological disorders.
P. Delmas team
Our group combines gene targeting, electrophysiology, histological methods and behavioral approaches to explore the channels, receptors and regulatory pathways that control sensory neuron functions. Genetic and physiological evidence from our lab suggests that Nav1.9 sodium channels are important players of the signaling mechanisms through which inflammatory mediators depolarize sensory neurons to produce pain hypersensitivity and neurogenic inflammation. We also study new mechanosensitive ion channels (K+ channels, TRPs, piezo channels) that detect gentle movement as well as noxious mechanical stimulation of the skin. We are working towards understanding the mechanism of activation of these channels under normal and pathological conditions, and we aim at identifying additional sensory-specific ion channels. Our lab is building on these studies to extend our knowledge of the molecular processes that control neuronal sensory-transduction and electrogenesis. On a related front, we are developing potent and selective inhibitors for sensory ion channels as potential antalgic agents. Our long-term goal is to synthesize an integrated picture of sensory neuron function. Our findings yield insights into the basic biology of the peripheral nervous system and have an impact on novel treatments for sensory diseases and pain.

Selected publications :

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