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Studies of RAE-1, CD1 molecules and NK, NKT cells in (...)

All the disorders affecting the nervous system are associated to the recruitment of immune cells, monocytes and lymphocytes. These cells may induce or amplify neural lesions or alternatively participate to repair processes. The protective role confered to regulatory cells depends from their interaction with neural cells. Some interactions involve receptors recognizing MHC class I molecules, such as RAE-1, the NKG2D ligand, and CD1, presenting glycolipids. The team focused on NK and NKT cells and the expression on target cells of RAE-1 and CD1d, respectively (Peng et al, 2007 ; Cédile et al, 2010 ; Popa et al 2011 ; Bine et al 2012). All neural cells express CD1d molecules. Conversely, under physiological coditions, RAE-1 expression is restricted to the sub-ventricular zone, the main neurogenesis region in adult. We demonstrated a nonimmune role of RAE-1 on proliferation of neurospheres from SVZ (collaboration with Dr P Durbec, IBDML, Marseille). We are currently studying the mechanisms underlying such proliferation. RAE-1 expression is induced in pathological conditions such after axotomy of the olfactory neurons or in murine models of multiple sclerosis (EAE) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (SOD), which are also characterized by the recruitment of immune cells. NK cells exert neuroprotective or deleterious roles either by their cytotoxic activity or by the release of pro- or anti-inflammatory cytokines and neurotrophins. NK cells are divided into several sub-populations according to their activation and cytokine secretion profile. With the help of the team of Prof E. Vivier (CIML, Marseille) we are characterizing the recruitment of these sub-populations into the central nervous system and we plan to determine the role of these populations in lesional and repair processes.

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