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Identification of blood biomarkers for psychiatric (...)

A specificity of the team is its interaction with the biological facility of AP-HM (UF3468) for neural disorder diagnosis : multiple sclerosis, demantia, inflammatory and dysimmune neuropaties, paraneoplastic syndromes, myasthenia, encephalitis, etc. Such hospital routine activity allows research studies aiming at biomarkers evaluation or discovery for diagnosis or clinical follow-up. These activities are performed for the Neurosciences and Psychiatry departments with renowned clinicians in their field : Prof J Pouget (Maladies neuro-musculaires), M Ceccaldi (démentia), J Pelletier (multiple sclerosis), P Chauvel (Epilepsia), JM Azorin and J Naudin (Psychiatriy) and in partnership with a nation-wide network of clinicians. Notably, we explored multiple sclerosis patients and characterized new biomarkers associated to disease activity (Desplat-Jego et al, 2009 ; Durante et al, 2011 ; Perron et al, 2012 ; Bine et al, 2012). Amytrophic lateral sclerosis, as well as other psychiatric disease such as major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia suffers from a deficit in biomarkers to precisely and timely determine the therapeutic response. We and others believe that inflammation is involved in arisal and/or evolution of many brain disorders. Indeed, a constant dialogue between the central nervous system and the peripheral blood system is reflected by transcriptional signatures for distinct psychiatric pathologies but also characterizing the response or the resistance to a treatment. In a preliminary work supported by AP-HM, we confirmed the existence of transcriptional signatures associated to major depressive episode evolution (Belzeaux et al, 2010). We obtained additional funding (VML, INSERM translational research, AORC, PHRC, Aviesan) for the establishment of bio-banks (RNAs, cells, sera, plasma) to quantify transcripts and proteins with a special interest in NK and regulatory immune cells, using microarray, flow cytometry and ELISA approaches. These studies are undertaken within national and international collaborations (Prof P Auquier, Marseille ; Prof P Courtet, Montpellier ; Dr E Fakra, Marseille ; Prof E Haffen and P Vandel, Besançon ; Dr C Heurteaux, Sophia Antipolis ; Prof PM Llorca, Clermont-Ferrand ; Dr N Shomron, Tel-Aviv, Israel) Since on one hand immune cells express many antigens shared by neural cells, and on the other hand immune system modifications may participate to neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorder evolution, our works should enlarge the knowledge of pathophysiology concerning neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases and the triggering role of immune inflammation.


2012 : Starting grant supported by the ITMO Neurosciences, Sciences cognitives, Neurologie, Psychiatrie : 15 000 euros on the projet « Genetic imaging of emotional information treatment in schizophrenia »

2010 : Projet Hospitalier de Recherche Clinique (PHRC) National : 495 000 euros on the project « Study of mRNAs as blood biomarkers of major depression » 2009 : Appel d’Offre de Recherche Clinique (AORC) de l’Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille : 14000 euros on the project « Major depression and mRNAs » 2008 : Lilly : subvention de 3000 euros on the project « Identification of biomarkers in major depression » 2006 : Appel d’Offre de Recherche Clinique (AORC) de l’Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille : 15000 euros on the project « mRNAs and major depression »

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