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A. Barlier Team


Our team was involved to better understand tumorigenesis of neuroendocrine tumors, particularly pituitary tumors


Our project is to study the nature and mechanisms of signalling events in order to identify the key components controlling hormonal secretion and cell proliferation of neuroendocrine tumors and to imagine new co-targeting therapeutic strategies which should allow best efficacy and should reduce side effects of present therapies. Specific inhibition of several key components of transduction pathways is thought to exert enhanced antineoplastic potency as compared to single inhibition of just one pathway or pathway-activating receptor.

Cellules issues d’un méningiome humain en culture primaire. Immunomarquage du récepteur somatostatinergique de type 2 en vert.

In order to elaborate co-targeting therapies, we study the molecular mechanisms activated by present receptors targeted therapies (dopamine and somatostatin receptors) and/or by receptors putatively involved in tumorigenesis (Ghreline receptors). We analyze the specific or common transduction pathways involved in the control hypersecretion or cell proliferation.

The fine knowledge of the signalling pathway interactome should allow to elaborate new co-targeting therapy but also to progress in the knowledge of neuroendocrine tumorigenesis.

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