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Three-year Postdoctoral Position in Molecular (...)

- EQUIPE FRM 2013 -

Ion Channels and Sensory Transduction Group, CRN2M-UMR 7286
Aix-Marseille-Université, CNRS, France


A three-year postdoctoral position and a two-year Engineer position are open at the CRN2MUMR 7286 CNRS, Aix-Marseille-Université (France) in the team of Patrick Delmas (PhD) “Ion Channels and Sensory Transduction”. The institute brings together 8 teams dedicated to Neuroscience research and benefits from several state-of-the-art technologies. The team is composed of tenured researchers, postdocs, PhD students, engineers and technicians and provides a high-quality scientific, technologicaland medical environment.

The group is currently investigating the mechanisms of mechanical pain. Osteoarthritis (OA), a degenerative joint disease affecting joint tissues, is the most common articular disorder and is frequently cited as the leading cause of persistent pain. It is increasingly common in the aging Western society, with a major health economic impact. Current therapies to help alleviate joint pain are only effective and produce unwanted negative side effects, thereby limiting their use in the long term. OA pain is characteristically evoked by mechanical pressure. Our research program sets out to characterize molecular mechanisms responsible for OA pain by identifying mechanosensitive ion channels that elicit such pain message in sensory neurons. The field of mechanotransduction has been transformed over the past 3 years by the discovery of new classes of mechanosensitive ion channels[1-4]. Drawing on these new discoveries, our project will use genetically modified mouse models to explore the biological mechanisms underlying OA-related mechanical pain.

  1. Coste B, et al., 2010, Science 330, 55-60.
  2. Delmas P, et al., 2011, Nature Reviews 12, 139-153.
  3. Hao J, et al., 2013, Neuron 77, 899-914.
  4. Delmas P., Coste B. 2013, Cell, in press.

We are looking for highly motivated young Post-doc and Engineer willing to join a challenging research area aimed at investigating in vitro and in vivo the role of mechanosensitive channels in the development of OA pain. Applicants must have the ability to work both independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Post-doc. We seek a motivated and enthusiastic individual with a demonstrated track record in basic Neuroscience. He/she will have a PhD with a strong background in electrophysiology and cellular biology. French and/or English proficiency is mandatory and strong communication skills and team spirit are expected.

Engineer. The applicant, of Master level, must have expertise in behavioural experiments in mice. He/She should be familiar with methods for pain behaviour analysis and with good practices in laboratory animal handling and care. Previous experience in working with living and transgenic mice would be helpful.

To Apply :
Recruitment is ongoing from July 2013 until positions are filled. Applicants should submit : CV with publications, two letters of references and a brief statement of research interests to Patrick Delmas.

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