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Imaging and Microscopy Center

The CMI, now recognized as an « operating cellular imaging platform » was set up in 1994 when a transmission electron microscope (Philips CM 10), which was in use on-site, was opened to the scientific community. Since then, research teams in the Institute have gained experience in various fields of fluorescence microscopy, thanks to an increased expertise with fluorescent probes, in particular the Green Fluorescent Protein, and to acquisition by the CMI of a first-generation confocal microscope (Leica TCS 4D) . At the same time, a microtome devoted to ultrathin sectioning of frozen tissues for electron microscopy was also purchased (Leica ultracryotome). In 2001, the CMI acquired a two-photon confocal microscope (Leica SP2), an apparatus at the forefront of technological progress in fluorescence microscopy, and a Bitplane station for image analysis. More recently, a high sensitivity imaging station for « cold » measurements of protein expression levels was installed. This equipment complements a 32P radioimaging system purchased much earlier in 1994. Finally, it should be mentioned that the installation of a dynamic cellular imaging station (videomicroscope) is now fully operational.

Who we are ?

Coordinateur scientifique du CMI

Catherine Faivre-Sarrailh Poste 04-91-69-88-80

Ingénieurs Responsables Techniques

Marie-Pierre Blanchard : Responsable de la plate-forme CMI. Poste 04-91-69-88-79

Marie-Jeanne Cabirol-Pol : Responsable Microscopie électronique Poste 04-91-69-87-18

Responsables Scientifiques

José Boucraut : Responsable Cytométrie en flux et Tri cellulaire

Nicolas Jullien : Responsable Phosphorimageurs

Personnel permanent Marie-Pierre Blanchard

Users’ Committee

- C. Sarrailh Coordinateur CMI,
- M-P Blanchard Ingénieur du CMI,
- A. Autillo-Touati, C.Leterrier, O. Bosler, S. Thirion, J. Boucraut, F. Padilla, N. Wanaverbecq & M. Dallaporta CRN2M UMR 7286, S. Rivera & L. Ferhat NICN UMR 7259, N. Kipson & S. Delliaux UMR MD2

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