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[The value of spectral frequency analysis by Doppler (...)

J Mal Vasc. 1981 ;6(1):55-9
[The value of spectral frequency analysis by Doppler examination (author’s transl)].
Boccalon H, Reggi M, Lozes A, Canal C, Jausseran JM, Courbier R, Puel P, Enjalbert A.

Arterial stenoses of moderate extent may involve modifications of the blood flow. Arterial shading is not always examined at the best incident angle to assess the extent of the stenosis. Spectral frequency analysis by Doppler examination is a good means of evaluating the effect of moderate arterial lesions. The present study was carried out with a Doppler effect having an acoustic spectrum, which is shown in a histogram having 16 frequency bands. The values were recorded on the two femoral arteries. A study was also made of 49 normal subjects so as to establish a normal envelope histogram, taking into account the following parameters : maximum peak (800 Hz), low cut-off frequency (420 Hz), high cut-off frequency (2,600 Hz) ; the first peak was found to be present in 81 % of the subjects (at 375 Hz) and the second peak in 75 % of the subjects (2,020 Hz). Thirteen patients with iliac lesions of different extent were included in the study ; details of these lesions were established in all cases by aortography. None of the recorded frequency histograms were located within the normal envelope. Two cases of moderate iliac stenoses were noted ( Less Than 50 % of the diameter) which interfered with the histogram, even though the femoral velocity signal was normal.


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