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The first extracellular domain of the tumour stem cell (...)

Cancer Lett. 2009 Jun ;278(2):164-73
The first extracellular domain of the tumour stem cell marker CD133 contains an antigenic ganglioside-binding motif.
Taieb N, Maresca M, Guo XJ, Garmy N, Fantini J, Yahi N.

Prominin 1/CD133 is a marker of transplantable cancer stem cells. We have generated anti-peptide antibodies against a N-terminal epitope of CD133 belonging to a ganglioside-binding domain. The labelling of colon cancer cells with these antibodies was inhibited by various gangliosides including GM1 and GD3, but not GT1b. CD133 immunolabelling progressively decreased to undetectable levels in post-confluent cultures, possibly through ganglioside-mediated epitope masking since the staining was partially recovered after chemical disruption of lipid rafts. We suggest that selected gangliosides could modulate the accessibility of CD133 and regulate cell-cell contacts involving CD133(+) stem cells at the earliest steps of tumour development.


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