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Sensitivity of thyrotropin (TSH) secretion to (...)

Endocrinology. 1986 Jul ;119(1):253-60
Sensitivity of thyrotropin (TSH) secretion to 3,5,3’-triiodothyronine and TSH-releasing hormone in rat during starvation.
Hugues JN, Enjalbert A, Burger AG, Voirol MJ, Sebaoun J, Epelbaum J.

The mechanisms by which plasma T3 and TSH decrease after a 3-day starvation period are not completely understood. In this study we tested the hypothesis of a possible modification in the sensitivity of thyrotroph cell to T3 and/or TRH. For that purpose, TRH tests were performed before and after a 3-day starvation in euthyroid, thyroidectomized, and T3-treated (75 or 175 ng/100 g BW) thyroidectomized male Wistar rats. TRH (10 to 500 ng/100 g BW) was injected iv through a chronically-implanted catheter. In another set of experiments, hypophyseal TSH content was also determined. Our results showed that after a 3-day-starvation plasma TSH decreased in all except hypothyroid rats ; TSH responsiveness to TRH was unchanged in euthyroid rats but was increased in hypothyroid rats ; and the T3-dependent increase in TSH responsiveness to TRH was significantly amplified. Moreover, there was a significant positive correlation between TSH responsiveness to TRH and hypophyseal TSH content. These results suggest that starvation induces an increased sensitivity of thyrotroph cell to T3.


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