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Seizures induce tenascin-C mRNA expression in (...)

J Neurocytol. 1996 Sep ;25(9):535-46
Seizures induce tenascin-C mRNA expression in neurons.
Ferhat L, Chevassus-Au-Louis N, Khrestchatisky M, Ben-Ari Y, Represa A.

Tenascin-C, an extracellular matrix glycoprotein that exhibits both growth-promoting and growth-inhibiting properties, is produced in the CNS mainly by astrocytes. In the present study we show that kainate-induced seizures result in an increased expression of tenascin-C in rat brain. Tenascin-C mRNA was increased mainly in the granule cell layer of the hippocampal complex, but tenascin-C mRNA expression was also observed in the pyriform cortex and amygdalo-cortical nucleus. Double labelling experiments using tenascin-C probes and MAP2 (a neuronal microtubule associated protein) antibodies revealed many neurons in these layers that express tenascin-C mRNA. These results support our previous findings of an increased tenascin-C immunoreactivity associated with the axons of granule cells. Tenascin-C expression is rapidly induced by seizures (6 h), preceding any lesion and glial reaction. In this pathological condition tenascin-C appears to be produced by both glia and neurons. The functional repercussions on the scarring and remodelling processes are also discussed.


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