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Scorpion antivenoms : progresses and challenges.

In Advances and new technologies in toxinology (Barbier J, Benoit E, Marchot P, Mattei C, Servent D, eds), Collection Rencontres en Toxinologie, Publications de la SFET, Châtenay-Malabry, France, 2010, pp 63-68.
Scorpion antivenoms : progresses and challenges.
Muhammad Zahid, Sonia Adi-Bessalem, Julien Muzard, Matthieu Juste, Marie-France Martin-Eauclaire, Nicolas Aubrey, Fatima Laraba-Djebari, Philippe Billiald

Serum therapy is the only specific treatment against scorpion envenoming, and antivenoms are still prepared by fragmentation of polyclonal antibodies isolated from hyperimmunized horse serum to form Fabs or F(ab)’2. Most of these antivenoms are efficient, but their production remains tedious and time-consuming. Recombinant antibodies and smaller functional recombinant antibody units are now emerging as credible alternatives, and constitute a source of still unexploited biosubstances capable of neutralizing the effects of venoms. Recent advances suggest the possibility of important innovations in the development of specific recombinant antibody fragments that have better properties than conventional antivenoms in terms of homogeneity, specific activity and possibly safety.


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