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[PRF activity of VIP in vitro (author’s transl)].

J Physiol (Paris). 1981 Mar ;77(8):979-83
[PRF activity of VIP in vitro (author’s transl)].
Arancibia S, Enjalbert A, Ruberg M, Priam M, Bluet-Pajot MT, Kordon C.

The effect of VIP on prolactin secretion from incubated rat hemipituitaries was characterized. Under these conditions, the secretion of GH, LH, FSH, ACTH was not affected, indicating that the effect of VIP is hormone specific. The stimulation of prolactin was dose-dependent, with an apparent affinity of VIP of 10.9 +/- 3.1 nM and a maximal stimulation of 57.7 +/- 4.2%. Secretin, a structurally related peptide, was also active at higher concentrations, whereas another partial analogue, glucagon, was ineffective. Furthermore, VIP does not act through pituitary DA receptors since alpha-flupentixol, a potent dopaminergic antagonist, does not block the stimulation of prolactin secretion by VIP. In addition, stimulation by VIP and TRH was additive. Naloxone and met-enkephalin were ineffective on the VIP effect on prolactin release. In contrast, SRIF seems to inhibit the VIP stimulation of prolactin release. Our data suggest that VIP, which was found in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal blood at concentrations of the same order of magnitude as that found to stimulate PRL in vitro, could be a physiological PRF.


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