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Pioneering axons regulate neuronal polarization in the (...)

Neuron. 2014 Feb ;81(4):814-29
Pioneering axons regulate neuronal polarization in the developing cerebral cortex.
Namba T, Kibe Y, Funahashi Y, Nakamuta S, Takano T, Ueno T, Shimada A, Kozawa S, Okamoto M, Shimoda Y, Oda K, Wada Y, Masuda T, Sakakibara A, Igarashi M, Miyata T, Faivre-Sarrailh C, Takeuchi K, Kaibuchi K.

The polarization of neurons, which mainly includes the differentiation of axons and dendrites, is regulated by cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous factors. In the developing central nervous system, neuronal development occurs in a heterogeneous environment that also comprises extracellular matrices, radial glial cells, and neurons. Although many cell-autonomous factors that affect neuronal polarization have been identified, the microenvironmental cues involved in neuronal polarization remain largely unknown. Here, we show that neuronal polarization occurs in a microenvironment in the lower intermediate zone, where the cell adhesion molecule transient axonal glycoprotein-1 (TAG-1) is expressed in cortical efferent axons. The immature neurites of multipolar cells closely contact TAG-1-positive axons and generate axons. Inhibition of TAG-1-mediated cell-to-cell interaction or its downstream kinase Lyn impairs neuronal polarization. These results show that the TAG-1-mediated cell-to-cell interaction between the unpolarized multipolar cells and the pioneering axons regulates the polarization of multipolar cells partly through Lyn kinase and Rac1.


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