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Non-invasive electromagnetic measurement of the (...)

Cardiovasc Res. 1978 Jan ;12(1):66-8
Non-invasive electromagnetic measurement of the peripheral pulsatile blood flow : experimental study and clinical applications.
Boccalon HJ, Candelon BJ, Doll HG, Puel PF, Enjalbert AP.

The non-invasive electromagnetic blood flowmeter described in this paper allows us to measure pulsatile flow through a limb. The limb is placed in a magnetic field and the blood flow rate induces electromagnetic forces which are detected at the skin surface with ECG electrodes (Faraday’s law). A special computer technique is necessary to isolate the signal from artefacts (local ECG, BCG, EMG). In vitro calibration is performed using a circulatory model and in vivo using mongrel dogs. Its validity is assessed by comparing the results with the responses obtained from the invasive electromagnetic flowmeter. Sources of error in the measurement such as blood composition (Na+, K+), haematocrit (45% to 29%), and venous flow are reported here. The results indicate that the method is reliable, easy to utilise and offers a unique non-invasive way of measuring true pulsatile blood flow rate in humans. Various clinical applications are discussed for possible use of the device.


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