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Kappa-opioid receptor stimulation abolishes mu- but not (...)

Neurosci Lett. 1992 Jan ;134(2):238-42
Kappa-opioid receptor stimulation abolishes mu- but not delta-mediated inhibitory control of spinal Met-enkephalin release.
Collin E, Bourgoin S, Ferhat L, Hamon M, Cesselin F.

The possible opioid control through delta, mu and kappa receptors of the spinal release of Met-enkephalin-like material (MELM) was investigated in halothane-anaesthetized rats. The intrathecal perfusion of the delta agonist DTLET (10 microM) or the mu agonist DAGO (10 microM) resulted in a marked inhibition of MELM release, which could be prevented by the selective antagonists naltrindole and naloxone, respectively. Although the kappa agonist U 50488 H (10 microM) was inactive per se, it completely suppressed the inhibitory effect of DAGO, without affecting that of DTLET. As the selective kappa antagonist norbinaltorphimine blocked the action of U 50488 H, it can be concluded that kappa receptors modulate the mu- (but not the delta-) mediated feed back control of spinal enkephalinergic neurones.


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