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Insecticide resistance through mutations in cholinesterases

J Pestic Sci 2010, 35, 315-320.
Insecticide resistance through mutations in cholinesterases or carboxylesterases : data mining in ESTHER database.
Hotelier T, Nègre V, Marchot P, Chatonnet A

Resistance of arthropods to organophosphates and carbamates used as insecticides is mainly due to mutations in genes encoding carboxylesterase or acetylcholinesterase members of the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold superfamily of proteins. Mutations that have been described at the molecular level concern 24 species, 31 genes and 32 identical positions in the aligned aminoacid sequences. Seven of these positions are found in more than four species and can be considered as hot spots for mutations. Mutations in one single gene also result in cross resistance to pyrethroids. These figures along with all pieces of information related to these mutations can be recovered from the ESTHER database, dedicated to the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold superfamily ( esther), through built-in or custom made queries. A sequence alignment of enzymes involved in resistance with highlighted mutated amino acid residues is provided. Selecting one amino acid residue leads to all information about mutations analyzed at this position. Links to the related literature are also available. ©Pesticide Science Society of Japan


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