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Independent inhibition of prolactin secretion by (...)

Endocrinology. 1979 Sep ;105(3):823-6
Independent inhibition of prolactin secretion by dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid in vitro.
Enjalbert A, Ruberg M, Arancibia S, Fiore L, Priam M, Kordon C.

gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) inhibits PRL release from incubated hemipituitaries in a dose-dependent manner. The maximum inhibition obtained with GABA is less than that obtained with dopamine. Its affinity is 100 times lower. The effect is blocked by picrotoxin but not by a dopamine inhibitor ; alpha-flupentixol but not picrotoxin antagonizes dopamine inhibition. This indicates that dopamine and GABA inhibit PRL release through independent receptors. The hypothalamic extract contains sufficient GABA to inhibit PRL release in our in vitro conditions. Picrotoxin, however, does not significantly inhibit the nondopaminergic PRL-inhibiting activity of mediobasal hypothalamic extracts. Another nondopaminergic PRL-inhibiting factor, therefore, seems to be present in the hypothalamus.


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