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Hepatopathy with a progressive course after one-time (...)

• Pathol. Biol. 1987 Feb ;35(2):139-44.
Hepatopathy with a progressive course after one-time administration of (chloro-2-ethyl)-1- cyclohexyl-3-nitroso-1-uréa (CCNU) in rats].
Viotte-Raguénez G, Lahouel M, Hemet J, Ducastelle T, Fillastre JP.

A few cases of liver involvement have been reported in patients receiving treatment with CCNU. Nitrosourea CCNU is an antitumoral agent largely used in the treatment of some types of leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, bronchial or cerebral tumors. It was shown that CCNU induced pericholangitis and intra-hepatic cholestasis in rat : moderate after 20 mg/kg CCNU, these hepatic lesions were maximal on day 8. In the present report we were interested in the evolution of hepatic alterations a long time after cessation of drug administration. So we studied hepatic ultrastructure three months after a unique 20 mg/kg or 50 mg/kg CCNU administration. Lesions were stable after 20 mg/kg CCNU and no reversibility was observed 3 months after 50 mg/kg CCNU : evolution to cholangiolysis, to adenomatous transformation of parenchyma or biliary cirrhosis were noted.


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