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Expression of HLA-G in cancer bladder.

Egypt J Immunol. 2005 ;12(1):57-64
Expression of HLA-G in cancer bladder.
El-Chennawi FA, Auf FA, El-Diasty AM, El-Daim MA, El-Sherbiny SM, Ali A, El-Baz M, El-Hameed MA, Paul P, Ibrahim EC, Carosella E, Ghoneim MA.

This study comprised 42 patients with cancer bladder, who underwent radical cystectomy. The aim of work is to determine if HLA-G is expressed on tumor cells, derived from cancer bladder. We studied HLA-G-mRNA expression using RT-PCR and HLA-G cell surface expression by immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining technique. HLA-G was expressed in 28.6 % of cancer cases as determined by PCR and on 16.7% of cases determined by IHC staining. The sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of IHC were 58.3%, 96% and 81.7% respectively as compared to PCR results. There was a highly significant increase in the expression of HLA-G on cancer bladder cases with metastatic prostate infiltration (P= 0.021). It is concluded that HLA-G is ectopically expressed on cancer bladder malignant cells both at molecular and protein levels. However, it is not significantly associated with histologic type, tumor grade, stage, T category, schistosomiasis and lymph node involvement.


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