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Evidence for direct action of calcitonin in the rat (...)

Acta Endocrinol (Copenh). 1989 May ;120(5):682-8
Evidence for direct action of calcitonin in the rat pituitary gland.
Morel G, Chabot JG, Enjalbert A, Priam M, Dubois PM.

Classic concepts of calcitonin (CT) function have focused on the effects of CT on calcium homeostasis. More recently CT actions on brain and pituitary have been investigated. In order to evaluate the effects of CT on the anterior pituitary gland we studied the action(s) of CT in vitro and visualized endogenous CT in adult male rat pituitary gland by immunocytochemistry on ultrathin sections obtained by cryoultramicomy. In vitro study using dispersed anterior pituitary cells indicated that CT stimulated the secretion of PRL, whereas the secretion of GH, TSH and LH was not affected. CT-like immunoreactivity was observed in lactotropes only. The other pituitary cell types were not immunoreactive. In lactotropes, immunostaining was observed in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus. In the cytoplasm, CT-like immunoreactivity was visuzalized in the cytoplasmic matrix and in the secretory granules. In the nucleus, immunostaining was distributed primarily in the euchromatin, in the vincinity of heterochromatin region. CT-like immunoreactivity was also observed at the plasma membrane but was only scarce. No reaction product was found when anti-CT serum pre-incubated with CT was used. In conclusion, these results bring evidence for a direct action of CT on lactotrope regulation in vitro as well as in intact animals.


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