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Effects of bilateral olfactory bulbectomy on circadian (...)

Arch Physiol Biochem. 1997 Oct ;105(6):552-9
Effects of bilateral olfactory bulbectomy on circadian rhythms of ACTH, corticosterone, motor activity and body temperature in male rats.
Marcilhac A, Maurel D, Anglade G, Ixart G, Mekaouche M, Hery F, Siaud P.

Bilateral olfactory bulbectomy (BOX) has major biochemical and behavioral effects, and is one of the most widely investigated of animal models of depression. We studied the consequences of BOX in male rats, on the organization of endogenous circadian rhythms for ACTH, corticosterone (Cort), motor activity (MA) and body temperature (BT). Mean levels were increased for Cort and MA, whereas no significant changes were observed for ACTH and BT. Significantly higher plasma Cort morning values were evidenced in BOX than sham-operated animals. In addition, compared with the single prominent power spectrum for the 24 hours period of control rats, the BOX animals displayed substantially lower 24 hours spectral power for the MA and BT circadian rhythms. These alterations suggest that olfactory bulbectomy, by disruption of the afferences and efferences, induced drastic changes in the function of the endogenous clock or of its regulating systems. From this point of view, bulbectomized rats may therefore be a valuable model to studying the etiology of psychiatric disorders with rhythm disturbance.


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