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Differential response of p53 target genes to p73 (...)

J Cell Sci. 2004 Jan ;117(Pt 2):293-301
Differential response of p53 target genes to p73 overexpression in SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cell line.
Goldschneider D, Blanc E, Raguenez G, Barrois M, Legrand A, Le Roux G, Haddada H, Benard J, Douc-Rasy S.

p73, the first p53 gene homologue, encodes an array of p73 proteins including p73 alpha full-length (TAp73 alpha) and amino-truncated isoforms (Delta Np73 alpha), two proteins with opposite biological functions. TAp73 alpha can induce tumor suppressive properties, while Delta Np73 alpha antagonizes p53 as well as TAp73 in a dominant-negative manner. In human malignant neuroblasts, p53 protein is wild-type but known to be excluded from the nucleus, therefore disabling its function as a tumor suppressor. The present study investigates whether there is a functional link between p73 isoforms and p53 in neuroblastoma. Experiments were performed on two neuroblastoma cell lines differing in their p53 status, e.g. wild-type p53 SH-5Y5Y cells and mutated p53 IGR-N-91 cells. Data indicate that (i) both TA- and Delta N-p73 alpha enhance p53 protein level in SH-SY5Y cells, whereas level remains unchanged in IGR-N-91 cells ; (ii) only in SH-SY5Y cells does forced TAp73 alpha overexpression markedly induce nuclear accumulation of p53 protein ; (iii) p21 protein expression is increased in both cell lines infected with TAp73, suggesting that, in IGR-N-91 cells, p21 is induced by p73 through a p53-independent pathway ; (iv) in the SHSY5Y cell line, Btg2 expression is strongly enhanced in cells overexpressing TA, and to a lesser extent in cells overexpressing Delta N. Taken together our results suggest that TAp73 may restore p53 function in NB with wild-type nonfunctional p53, but not in NB with mutated p53.


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