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Deletion of the ventral noradrenergic bundle (...)

Endocrine. 1995 Jul ;3(7):481-5
Deletion of the ventral noradrenergic bundle obliterates the early ACTH response after systemic LPS, independently from the plasma IL-1β surge.
Givalois L, Gaillet S, Mekaouche M, Ixart C, Bristow AF, Siaud P, Szafarczyk A, Malaval F, Assenmacher I, Barbanel G.

We have recently shown that total lesion of the ventral noradrenergic bundle (VNAB-X), enhanced the short-lived (<120 min) triggering effect of intra-arterially (i.a.) given IL-1β on plasma ACTH levels. In the present study we used the same VNAB-X paradigm to explore the mechanisms of the long-lived (480 min) LPS stimulatory effect on plasma ACTH, corticosterone (CORT) and IL-1β levels. In control rats, 25 μg kg(-1) LPS induced a 20-fold increase in ACTH and a 7-fold increase in CORT concentrations at 30 min, which continued to rise until 60 min, before receding to baseline at 480 min. In contrast, the plasma IL-1β concentration started to increase above undetectable levels only at 120 min. In VNAB-X animals, the early (30 min) ACTH/CORT response to LPS was completely blunted, and the ACTH surge was reduced by 75% at 60 min. However, the sustained hormonal response (120 to 480 min) was unaltered. Both the temporal pattern and the amplitude of the plasma IL-1β response were normal. We conclude that (1) the VNAB is involved in the early (first 60 min) ACTH/CORT response to systemic LPS, (2) plasma IL-1β does not appear to be associated with this early corticotropic activation and (3) the later stages of the ACTH/CORT response to LPS (60 to 480 min) appear to be independent of the VNAB control and may therefore involve different control mechanisms, in which the IL-1β, by this stage massively released in the blood, may play a major role.


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