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Alteration of CD1 expression in multiple sclerosis.

Clin Exp Immunol. 2012 Jul ;169(1):10-6
Alteration of CD1 expression in multiple sclerosis.
Bine S, Haziot A, Malikova I, Pelletier J, Charron D, Boucraut J, Mooney N, Gelin C.

Studies of multiple sclerosis (MS) have concentrated mainly on antigen presentation of peptides derived from the myelin sheath, while the implication of lipid antigen has been less explored in this pathology. As the extracellular environment regulates expression of the lipid antigen-presenting molecule CD1, we have examined whether sera from patients alters CD1 surface expression in monocyte-derived dendritic cells. We have shown that : (i) CD1 group 1 proteins were highly expressed in the presence of MS sera ; (ii) sera from MS patients differentially regulated CD1 group 1 versus CD1 group 2 molecular expression ; and (iii) CD1 was expressed strongly in monocytes from MS patients under immunosuppressive treatment. Overall, these results reveal that CD1 expression is modified in MS and provide novel information on the regulation of lipid antigen presentation in myeloid cells.


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