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alphavbeta5/beta6 integrin suppression leads to a (...)

Exp Cell Res. 2009 Jul ;315(11):1840-9
alphavbeta5/beta6 integrin suppression leads to a stimulation of alpha2beta1 dependent cell migration resistant to PI3K/Akt inhibition.
Defilles C, Lissitzky JC, Montero MP, Andre F, Prevot C, Delamarre E, Marrakchi N, Luis J, Rigot V.

Crosstalk between integrins is involved in the regulation of various cell functions including cell migration. Here we identify the interplay between the integrins alphavbeta5/beta6 and alpha2beta1 during cell migration toward type I collagen. Human colon cancer cell lines HT29-D4 and SW480 were used as cell models. To improve our understanding of the consequences of alphavbeta5/beta6 function on alpha2beta1, we decreased the expression of alphav integrins by either siRNA or lysosomal targeting strategies or inhibited their function using, as antagonists, blocking antibodies or disintegrins. In all cases, we observed a greatly enhanced alpha2beta1 integrin-dependent cell migration associated with focal adhesion rearrangements and increased outside-in signaling as demonstrated by elevated phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and MAPKinase (ERK1 and ERK2). The alphavbeta5/beta6-dependent limitation of alpha2beta1 function could be overridden by TS2/16, an activating anti-beta1 antibody. Interestingly, compared to control cells, the pharmacological inhibition of PI3Kinase or the siRNA-mediated knockdown of AKT had little effect on the high alpha2beta1-mediated cell migration observed in the absence of alphav integrins or following activation of alpha2beta1 integrins by the TS2/16. These results suggest that integrins alphavbeta5/beta6 repress alpha2beta1 possibly by interfering with their activation process and thereby modify the cell signaling regulation of alpha2beta1-mediated migration.


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