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Alkaloids from Psychotria oleoides with activity on (...)

J Nat Prod. 1992 Jul ;55(7):923-30
Alkaloids from Psychotria oleoides with activity on growth hormone release.
Gueritte-Voegelein F, Sevenet T, Pusset J, Adeline MT, Gillet B, Beloeil JC, Guenard D, Potier P, Rasolonjanahary R, Kordon C.

Bioactivity-guided purification of a crude alkaloid extract of Psychotria oleoides has afforded a new alkaloid, psycholeine [1], together with quadrigemine C [2], a tetrameric pyrrolidinoindoline compound of unknown stereochemistry. A comparison study of nmr and cd spectra of quadrigemine C and hodgkinsine [3], a trimeric pyrrolidinoindoline substance, led us to suggest the stereochemistry of quadrigemine C. The structure and configuration of psycholeine was determined by spectroscopic means and chemical correlation with quadrigemine C. Psycholeine interacts with somatostatin receptors and exhibits a somatostatin antagonistic activity on GH secretion by pituitary cells in primary culture.


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