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ADP-ribosylation of G alpha i and G alpha o in (...)

J Recept Signal Transduct Res. 1996 May-Jul ;16(3-4):169-90
ADP-ribosylation of G alpha i and G alpha o in pituitary cells enhances their recognition by antibodies directed against their carboxyl termini.
Cussac D, Kordon C, Enjalbert A, Saltarelli D.

Using antibodies raised against synthetic peptides of heterotrimeric GTP binding proteins, we demonstrate the presence of G alpha s, G alpha i1,2, G alpha i3, G alpha o2, and G beta subunits in pituitary cells. Pretreatment of pituitary cells with cholera toxin diminished the immunoreactivity of G alpha s and this decrease was kinetically coupled to the rate of G alpha s ADP-ribosylation. ADP-ribosylation by islet activating protein (IAP or Bordetella pertussis toxin) of G alpha i and G alpha o enhanced their immunoreactivities to antibodies raised against synthetic decapeptides that correspond to the G alpha carboxyl termini. Such enhancement was not observed when antibodies directed against the NH2-termini were used. These findings are consistent with the fact that ADP-ribosylation by IAP occurs on the cysteine located in the carboxyl terminal part of G alpha i and G alpha o. These observations mean that the kinetics and extent of Gi and Go ADP-ribosylation by IAP in whole pituitary cells and membrane preparations can be followed. It could be that ADP-ribosylation causes conformational changes in G alpha i and G alpha o. Indeed, we observed that ADP-ribosylated G alpha i was more sensitive to trypsin proteolysis and that the ADP-ribosylation rates of G alpha i and G alpha o in whole cells were comparable to the rate of loss of coupling between inhibitory neurohormone receptors and adenylyl cyclase.


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