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A natural anatoxin, Amm VIII, induces neutralizing (...)

Vaccine. 2006 Mar ;24(12):1990-6
A natural anatoxin, Amm VIII, induces neutralizing antibodies against the potent scorpion alpha-toxins.
Martin-Eauclaire MF, Alami M, Giamarchi A, Missimilli V, Rosso JP, Bougis PE.

In this study, we have used Amm VIII, a natural anatoxin from the scorpion Androctonus mauretanicus mauretanicus, to elicit specific polyclonal antibodies in rabbit. Using liquid-phase radioimmunoassay, we have studied its selectivity and its neutralizing activity both in vitro and in vivo for the most lethal scorpion alpha-toxins described, in particular the alpha-toxin of reference AaH II. We have shown that the anti-Amm VIII serum prevents the association of 125I-AaH II with its receptor and is able to remove 125I-AaH II already bound to its site (the half-life of the complex 125I-AaH II-receptor site was 12 min in the absence of anti-Amm VIII serum but decreased to only 2 min in the presence of anti-Amm VIII serum). In vivo, the serum also has a protective effect in mice : 42 LD50 of AaH II by millilitre are neutralized, measured by subcutaneous injection.


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