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On Coherence in K-Ion channel.

Mardi 11 octobre 2016 11h. Nouvelle salle de conférence rdc nord du bât.E du campus Nord de la Faculté de Médecine, 51 bd.P. Dramard, 13 344 Marseille cedex 15.

Professor Sisir ROY

T.V.Raman Pai Chair Visiting Professor National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISC Campus, Bangalore, And (Former) Professor, Physics and Applied mathematics Unit Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata - 700108

Invited by Doctor El-Cherif IBRAHIM – CRN2M UMR7286 - tél : 04 91 69 89 56.

Abstract :

We show that quantum mechanical superposition can sustain in the process of ion transfer in protein membrane for a substantial period in spite of the presence of the interactions with environmental modes of molecular vibration. The spectral temperature, as defined in quantum thermodynamical framework plays a significant role in maintaining the coherence. The ratio of decoherence time and dwell time has been calculated, which can be directly related to the degree of coherence. The results shed new light to build quantum information system of entangled ionic states in the voltage gated biological channels.

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